Thursday, March 25, 2010

Would you flirt while you're in a Relationship?

My best friend recently broke-up with his nine-month relationship. My friend does tend to give it his all to the man he loves which is quite not advisable for me. And yes my friend is gay, It was kinda sad what happened because his boyfriend cheated on him and even introduced the guy to my friend as a "client", such a bitch if I may say so. So after a week my friend was over his heart ache and I encourage him to move on and find someone else. If your wondering and read my tips about break-ups where i stated that pain after breakup should not be lingered on. It should be looked at as a new opportunity to meet someone new. Anyway, so we got into a conversation wherein he said it was so sad because he turned down a really cute guy a week before their break-up and I gave a very bitchy advice. I said "Too bad, you should have flirted with him." hence the question he asked me.

Would you flirt while you're in a Relationship?

Well I was in a hot seat for a moment. Both my best friend and my cousin was intrigue of what my answer would be. I answered "Hmm, if i was in a dying relationship I would. But if I'm with someone like my boyfriend who is quite sincere I would turn him down like you did. But I would be in despair for a while for turning down a very cute guy but still face value will never be compared to sincerity and I know my boyfriend is sincere."

I furthermore explained my answer to my best friend. I told them that you should never give all of your love to your partner, you should always reserve some for yourself in order for you not to go blindly in love with someone. Because if you put yourself first in a relationship you would be able to detect the insincerity or some negativity from your partner. But never too much, because you might be in paranoia thinking that he would always be cheating. Just be happy with your partner and give him all the love and care that you can give to him and never go too much. And never be too dependent on your partner.

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