Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do you check your husband's cellphone,email, etc.?

I answered this question from mylot here is the link to the discussion:

It gave me a deep reflection and this was like a sign. I had that feeling with my boyfriend just recently and the feeling of loosing the one you love really puts you in paranoia. This my response to her:

"Trust is one of the difficult things you can give to your partner and the easiest one that breaks. There are times when you doubt especially with the little changes that sometimes we use as basis. My advice would be is not to think about it too much because the more we think about it the more chances that it might come true. "To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little", that's what my partner told me when I was doubting him. It made me realize that i was constantly watching him, and always fearing that he would cheat that i forgot that i'm not showing love anymore. We will never know what a person would do next, the best thing for us to do is show him love, give the love that he needs and the care the he wants to not make him look at another person. DON'T FOCUS on how you will CATCH him but rather focus an HOW YOU WILL not make him cheat on you. If you show that you don't trust him he might one day do it and promise you that will happen if you don't stop thinking about that. Be happy with sharing every moment you spend with him and stop thinking of him cheating on you. Understand and love him and always appreciate him. That would be the best way.

If you start to doubt him. Don't go putting on your detective hat. Talk with him, ask him why he is acting that way or what is he not doing that thing anymore. inform him. it is always best to talk things through in a relationship than doing it by yourself.

Trust is not easy but it is possible."

Trust could like make or break a relationship. For me it is the most fragile thing that you can ever get in a relationship. Always being honest and not having any secrets is the best way to keep a relationship last.

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