Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fighting for the one you love

Will you fight for the one you love?

Yes. That would be the common answer if you ask someone in love but what if the one you love no longer loves you. Would you still fight for him?

My best friend Chester got into a situation wherein the ex lover Loyd of his current boyfriend Dee beat him up of for stealing Dee. Apparently Dee already broke up with Loyd and Lloyd did not accept that. Until now Lloyd is still with Dee and Chester had to broke-up with him.

If it were you?

Would you fight for him even if you know that person no longer loves you?

In this situation Lloyd won the battle but do you think that would be a happy relationship?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Would you flirt while you're in a Relationship?

My best friend recently broke-up with his nine-month relationship. My friend does tend to give it his all to the man he loves which is quite not advisable for me. And yes my friend is gay, It was kinda sad what happened because his boyfriend cheated on him and even introduced the guy to my friend as a "client", such a bitch if I may say so. So after a week my friend was over his heart ache and I encourage him to move on and find someone else. If your wondering and read my tips about break-ups where i stated that pain after breakup should not be lingered on. It should be looked at as a new opportunity to meet someone new. Anyway, so we got into a conversation wherein he said it was so sad because he turned down a really cute guy a week before their break-up and I gave a very bitchy advice. I said "Too bad, you should have flirted with him." hence the question he asked me.

Would you flirt while you're in a Relationship?

Well I was in a hot seat for a moment. Both my best friend and my cousin was intrigue of what my answer would be. I answered "Hmm, if i was in a dying relationship I would. But if I'm with someone like my boyfriend who is quite sincere I would turn him down like you did. But I would be in despair for a while for turning down a very cute guy but still face value will never be compared to sincerity and I know my boyfriend is sincere."

I furthermore explained my answer to my best friend. I told them that you should never give all of your love to your partner, you should always reserve some for yourself in order for you not to go blindly in love with someone. Because if you put yourself first in a relationship you would be able to detect the insincerity or some negativity from your partner. But never too much, because you might be in paranoia thinking that he would always be cheating. Just be happy with your partner and give him all the love and care that you can give to him and never go too much. And never be too dependent on your partner.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do you check your husband's cellphone,email, etc.?

I answered this question from mylot here is the link to the discussion:

It gave me a deep reflection and this was like a sign. I had that feeling with my boyfriend just recently and the feeling of loosing the one you love really puts you in paranoia. This my response to her:

"Trust is one of the difficult things you can give to your partner and the easiest one that breaks. There are times when you doubt especially with the little changes that sometimes we use as basis. My advice would be is not to think about it too much because the more we think about it the more chances that it might come true. "To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little", that's what my partner told me when I was doubting him. It made me realize that i was constantly watching him, and always fearing that he would cheat that i forgot that i'm not showing love anymore. We will never know what a person would do next, the best thing for us to do is show him love, give the love that he needs and the care the he wants to not make him look at another person. DON'T FOCUS on how you will CATCH him but rather focus an HOW YOU WILL not make him cheat on you. If you show that you don't trust him he might one day do it and promise you that will happen if you don't stop thinking about that. Be happy with sharing every moment you spend with him and stop thinking of him cheating on you. Understand and love him and always appreciate him. That would be the best way.

If you start to doubt him. Don't go putting on your detective hat. Talk with him, ask him why he is acting that way or what is he not doing that thing anymore. inform him. it is always best to talk things through in a relationship than doing it by yourself.

Trust is not easy but it is possible."

Trust could like make or break a relationship. For me it is the most fragile thing that you can ever get in a relationship. Always being honest and not having any secrets is the best way to keep a relationship last.

What would you feel If you Rank last on class?

Well I feel bad upon hearing it but I will say at least I'm ranked at something he he. I would not take that negatively I would look at what i did that went wrong and try to strengthen that weakness. We are not always good at everything we do that is why we need to learn. Rankings will only show the level of our abilities not a description of who you are.

Why Do you get upset when I don't reply to your messages?

I was texting my boyfriend and he was not able to reply to me right away. I went in to a bit of paranoia which is not good and I was not able to control myself at that moment. I was texting him at around 5:00 PM and he was able to reply at around 9 P.M. He did explain why and I was OK i was not really mad or anything just wanted to know where he was and why he was not able to reply right away. Then he asked me this question:

"Why Do you get upset when I don't reply to your messages?"

I replied to him:

"Texting me that you are busy or your doing something important, or you're on your way home is making me feel that you are here beside me even if we are apart from each other. You know that I love you and I constantly think about you especially when I'm not doing anything. :)"

I always text and update my boyfriend even he doesn't ask me because I want to give him that feeling the feeling of importance than in everything I do even if it's small I make him feel that he is a part of what I do. My might not know the significance of that but I'm hoping he would someday he he he