Wednesday, May 6, 2009

7 Tips on Moving on

Having the proper mindset will allow us to Move on easier especially from a relationship wherein you thought that it would be forever or that was the ONE, The one would be with us forever. The following are my personal Tips which I personally do when after a very hard break-up:

1. Never embed in your mind that you cannot live without your ex. You were fine before you met that person. So, you would be able to live without that person. Don’t be too dependent on someone who’s not there anymore. The person was not that right one for you because if he was he would still be there. Bear in your mind that someone better than him will come.
2. Don’t dwell too much on the PAST. Especially those memories that would be very hurting that won’t be there anymore. You have to face that those things, experiences, laughter and moments will never come back again. Strengthen yourself because if you keep dwelling on the past you are like poking a scab and making it bleed again.
3. Occupy yourself with other things and never let yourself feel LONELY. Go out with your friends, engage yourself in groups or chat with people online, meet new people or engage in different activities that would be progressive for you. There is no point on moping around in one corner over something that is not even worth wasting your time. There are a lot of ways you can occupy your mind with. I personally play online games, chat on mIrc and go out with my friends. It allows your mind and heart not to have the thought of being LONELY.
4. Learn from your experience. Don’t regret or don’t think it was your fault or your ex’s fault that you broke-up. Go over your problems, Know what caused the break-up and then examine yourself. What did I do wrong? What I could have done to prevent it? What did I not do for the relationship? Knowing these things would help you grow as a better person for your next relationship.
5. Never close your door for a new person to come in your life. Always open your door for a new possible love to come. You might never know that He or She is the right one. Don’t ever give up on love. Love is an emotion that brings both happiness and pain in your life. Remember that we need to feel pain in order for us to know what happiness is. Love will always come in a very unexpected time and might be with the most unlikely person you would have imagined.
6. Be patient. Give yourself time and don’t be in a hurry. If you feel that it’s taking too long or you’ve been waiting for quite some time you must remember that love takes time and someone will eventually come.
7. Always pray to GOD. Don’t result to any other means or doing weird things to find love. Just pray to God, He always knows when is the right time and who is the right one for you.

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